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OBi200 on Spectrum connection

Started by bill-cary, April 06, 2023, 01:41:50 PM

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I have an OBi200 connected to a Spectrum dual unit system (Gateway/router).
It is in a vacation property and the internet provider was changed so I can't remember if it worked after the change. It definitely worked b4 the change.
Currently, I can make outgoing calls, but I can't receive incoming calls. The caller gets an immediate fast busy or a disconnected message.
I don't think anything changed in my configuration.
Voice services - SP1
X_InboundCallRoute = ph
everything else is default

On the Obi, I have Physical Interfaces - PHONE1 Port
On OBiTalk there is PHONE1 and LINE
In either list, it is all default

Everything else is default except outgoing digimap which does not affect incoming calls.

Where might the problem be?



90 posts and still has not learned to give details such as the ITSP and is it showing as registered/connected.