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unable to receive fax

Started by Faxprob, April 28, 2023, 06:19:16 AM

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I have Obi 200 and a HP office jet pro 6978 all in printer. After I moved the printer to another area of the same room and I unplugged and plugged back the cables from/to the printer, the fax can send but unable to receive. The cables are connected like originally.                             
called Hp support but can't get help from them.  Called obitalk and they asked me to do the following:

OBi ATA web interface

Dial ***4 from the analog phone connected to the ATA, then press 1 to obtain the IP address.
Open a web browser and enter the IP address of the ATA.
Sign in with your username and password, generally admin/admin
Navigate to Codecs then Codec Profile A/B,
In the Codec Settings section, set the following parameters:
FaxPassThroughCodec=G711U (default for North America) or G711A
Navigate to Voice Services then SP1 Service.
in the Calling Features section, set the following parameter:
Next, navigate to Physical Interfaces then PHONEx Port,
In the Calling Features section, set the following parameters:
CallWaitingEnable: Disabled
ConferenceCallEnable: Disabled
UseForFaxOnly: Enabled
DetectFaxPageBreak: Enabled
Fax machine settings

The following fax machine settings are recommended. These settings vary depending on the fax machine vendor and model. Please refer to your fax machine vendor documentation for more details on these settings.
Set to use a lower fax transmission speed or Baud rate (lowest speed/rate is 9600bps).
Disable the Error Correction Mode (ECM).
Disable the Compression mode.
Set the Receive/Transmit Buffer to low.

I did the above instruction. But still unable to receive fax.

Please let me how I am able to solve this not receive fax issue.


If you were able to receive faxes before unplugging and moving, you should have been able to do that after merely plugging in again.  Are you absolutely sure that you have the cable(s) in the correct phone jack(s) of the HP?


I am not sure if I were able to receive the fax before unplugging and moving.  The last fax I sent were probably in November, 2022.

100 percent sure, I have the cable(s) in the correct phone jack(s) of HP printer

I have the same kind of this issue on May 2022. Then, obitalk technical support named Mario from Mexico resolved it immediately. He went into expert configuration and set it to receive and sent fax(es).  I didn't write it down in detail.  So, I don't know to resolve the issue this time.


When I was using a fax machine, that was an issue I couldn't get to reliably work. I went for a workaround.  As I already had a couple of accounts with Callcentric, and a couple of free (at the time -- they're now $1/month) DIDs, I just used one for an incoming fax line.  They work well, reliably and the faxes arrive in your email.  If you only need intermittent fax reception and could use an extra voice DID, you can easily switch the line back and forth between voice and fax. (It's in the Forwarding tab.)

I'm now using a USB faxmodem dongle for outgoing (on a Google Voice line), which means I don't have to print to paper before faxing, and the fax DID for incoming.

I know this isn't what you want, it wasn't what I wanted either, but it works.