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Poly VVX D230 Setup

Started by Feli, May 23, 2023, 02:33:38 AM

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I have been using an OBI200 with Google Voice (GV) and a set of cordless analog phone whose base station is ethernet-connected to the Obi200.  Works well.

I also have an OBIWiFi5G USB dongle setup for use in my OBI200.

I also have a VOIP OBI2062 deskphone that I use with the same GV phone number as cordless phones.  Works well.

I'm moving toward replacing analog phones with VOIP phones and now have a Poly VVX D230 cordless VOIP phone and base station/handset which I also want to use with the same GV phone number.  I've struggled for days to set this up to work as my OBI2062 does with the same GV number as my other phones but I've failed.  What do I need to do to set this phone up correctly.  The Poly VVX D230 phone has no built-in WiFi, just an internet port.  I have an ethernet-USB adapter and an OBIWiFi5G USB dongle in the hope that I can use this to connect wirelessly either to the OBIWiFi USB dongle that's in my OBI200 or to my WiFi router.  As a last resort I could use an ethernet connection to my WAN.  (I've repeatedly followed setup instructions for all of these components but can't get the Obitalk web setup to pass the **5 2286 test.


Your OBi200 and OBi2182 both work with the consumer version of Google Voice.

Your Poly VVX D230 will only work with the business version of Google Voice.


Quote from: Feli on May 23, 2023, 02:33:38 AMI have been using an OBI200 with Google Voice (GV) and a set of cordless analog phone whose base station is ethernet-connected to the Obi200.
No you do not have an analogue phone base station connected by ethernet to an OBi200.


Ensure that the Poly VVX D230 phone is connected to the same network as your OBi200 device. You can connect it to your network using an Ethernet cable connected to the internet port on the phone's base station. Make sure that the OBi200 device is properly connected to your network and has a working internet connection. You can connect the OBi200 to your network either through the Ethernet-USB adapter or via the OBIWiFi5G USB dongle. Access the OBi200 device's web interface by typing its IP address into a web browser on a device connected to the same network. The IP address can be found by pressing the star key (*) twice on a connected analog phone or by checking your router's DHCP client list. Once you access the OBi200 web interface, navigate to the "OBiTalk Device Configuration" section. Under "Service Providers," select the "Google Voice" option and enter your Google Voice credentials to configure it for your GV phone number. In the OBi200 web interface, go to the "Physical Interfaces" section and configure the appropriate settings for the Ethernet-USB adapter or the OBIWiFi5G USB dongle, depending on which one you are using for the network connection. MyAARPMedicare UHC