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Call Routing Duration

Started by scott818, May 23, 2023, 06:25:08 AM

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Using an OBi 200.

When a call comes in on my configured SP1, I want to ring an external phone number. This call is not intended to be answered but instead is more of a notification. In SP1's X_InboundCallRoute field I have this:


This works fine, but what I want to do is ring 212-555-1212 for no more than 15 seconds. Is it possible to set a duration?


Does the provider on sp1 have voice mail? How many times does it ring before going to VM?


Quote from: azrobert on May 23, 2023, 07:38:51 AMDoes the provider on sp1 have voice mail? How many times does it ring before going to VM?
Yes. It answers after 5 rings. It can't be disabled nor can the amount of rings be adjusted.


Physical Interfaces -> Phone1 Port
ForwardOnNoAnswer: Checked
ForwardOnNoAnswerNumber: sp2(12125551212)

SP1 X_InboundCallRoute: ph

The call will be routed to 12125551212 after 4 rings.
On the 5th ring VM will answer the call and 12125551212 will stop ringing.


Thank you.

Along the same lines: I was wondering if there's a way to configure a 200/202 so that incoming calls will ring a connected phone, but if the phone is picked up the call is not actually answered? In other words, the phone is only able to be rung by the OBi device but when it's picked up only a dial tone or silence is heard.


Please explain why you want to do this.
How many (1, all) callers will initiate this behavior?


I think yes. I've tried it before. I don't remember well but I think it will be around 4-6 rings.