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Obi1032 & Google Voice

Started by confused.agane, December 15, 2023, 02:05:47 PM

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I found my 1032 and want to register it with Google Voice before the server goes to Bit Heaven.

I go through all the hoops as I did with my 2182 & 202's, BUT I end up with the Configure Voice Service Providers (SP) page saying:

Service Providers  Name    Status
SP1                    nnnn    Connecting to

But the server is talking to the obitalk server as it has loaded the SP1 labels I requested.

Any suggestions?


Never Mind (tm)

After posting, I looked at the Configure Voice Service Providers page again. Hours after I had done a ***6 Firmware update I got a orange triangle "you need an update" and did so.

It's now running 5.1.11 Build 531EX1311

Happy Days.....