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OBI2182 Phone Disconnected.

Started by Saipan-Craig, August 25, 2023, 10:02:55 PM

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After working without fail for more than 12 years, this morning - 08-26-23, my OBI2182 went OFFLINE. I have tried to get it to recognize my Google Voice account, and reconnect. Everything is working fine, except it won't reconnect. It just keeps showing OFFLINE.
I even reset the phone and reset my OBITALK configurations after deleting and clearing cache.

Even tried to get to - it says they too are offline???

What gives?

Does Google Voice still work with OBH2182 phones?

Why can't I get my ONLINE status back, even though all login data is CORRECT?


What's with the 12 years claim? No OBi2182 is that old *.

Not clear to me if your 2182 is offline or if it is online but not connecting to your GV account.

Can you successfully reach the echo test when you dial **9 222  222 222 ?

I see no reason why 2182's would suddenly and now not work with GV.  As of a few minutes before typing this my OBi1032 phone was working OK with GV.

* (I was a beta tester of the earlier OBi1032 phone before it was released.  The message offering that to me is dated September 2014.)


No, drgeoff - not the 2182. ME! I've been on Obitalk for nearly 12 years. I started with a 202, then got a 302, now 2182. It' been working right up until I posted. No matter what I do: unplug, admin reset, reboot, disconnect Modem, router, power, and OH! so much more. Still nothing. As of right now, December 13, 2023, still cannot get it to connect. **9222222222 no good.

I've run out of ideas to try. Can't Polycom/Obi, reset it from their end. I've sent emails - NO REPLIES.


1.  I don't understand the relevance of the screenshot as the initial 290 of the OBi number in the screenshot is not what I expect from an ObiPhone 2182.

2.  An Obi ATA or IP phone that has been reset should be able to reach **9 222 222 222 without any needing any further configuration.  Looks like you have a network problem to solve before tackling how to get GV working.

3.  What is the full and exact message read out to you when you dial ***1 ?