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"No service configuration error" message, but I can make and receive calls

Started by videobruce, August 30, 2023, 11:47:58 AM

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I went into the OBi web portal which I haven't been in many years to try to troubleshoot a port that wasn't connection to the providers server.I didn't change anything that I know of, but after switching screens one of my two OBi202's lost communication with the website that I wanted ti try to re0add the device.
When I did that **9 test, I received that message. BUT, I can still make and receiver calls on that port ok which is Google Voice.

I don't want to reset the 202 because I will loose the GV number since the other ports config is somehow messed up due to a procedure Phone Power did without my knowledge troubleshooting something else not related.

I have two of these adapters for my two voice lines which were on one device with the other as a spare.

Both devices show in the web portal ok, but the problem one shows 'error'. I am aware of the lengthy procedure to supposedly fix this, but I really don't want to go that route due to all the other problems.

Is there some other way other than doing a full reset??
I'll take VoIP any day over cell phones !


Nine months later and almost 1k 'views' that's all I get???

Both lines are fine and have been, knock on wood.
I'll take VoIP any day over cell phones !