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Obitalk and GV Voicemail Issue

Started by BayouSFM, November 11, 2023, 07:44:09 PM

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Some back ground information. I've had the Obi202 working for years now with a Vtech 2 line phone system. Recently the GV number was transferred to a new gmail account. Everything seems to work fine except for voicemail. Dialing the google voice number without anyone picking up the phone, will not trigger the voice mail from google voice. Instead a generic, hello please leave a message after the tone is heard. Leaving a voicemail here, does not show up in google voice (i.e. not shown under voice mails, nor any email transcribe).

If I enabled call screening via google voice settings, then the voicemails are connected to google voice. I can tell because it uses the custom voice mail greeting that was configured. Voicemails left here does show up in google voice and email transcribe works. If I remove call screening, issue occurs again.

If I turn on Do Not Disturb, then GV voice mail works. Remove do not disturb, issue returns. Not sure if this is a bug, or if i'm missing some setting. Would anyone be able to advise? I'd like to not have to wack the configuration and start from scratch.

*edit* decided to look up the vtech manual and that verbiage on the voice mail greeting is the system's default preset. Could it be that local answering system was enabled, thus overriding google voice's, and just needed to be disabled? This vtech 2 line system was replaced recently as well. Will test that theory out. In the mean time, if anyone knows of a setting elsewhere then please let me know. Thank you!


Yes some other voicemai system is picking up before GV's gets a chance.  Either the answerphone part of your V-Tech of if you have another forwarding destination (eg a cell phone with voicemail) enabled on the GV account.  If your V-Tech is the only destination for incoming calls to your GV number then almost certainly thatis where you need to look.  Try ringing the number and leaving a message.  Most phones have a 'message waiting' indicator.  If that activates, bingo.