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Expert Configuration Obi202

Started by PatrickDickey52761, December 28, 2023, 03:27:45 PM

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Hi, everyone,

I realize that the OBI202 is no longer supported. I have one set up in my Obitalk portal and am trying to make some changes to it. In the past, I was able to use Expert Configuration, but that's no longer available to me. Even checking it in my profile doesn't provide an option.

Has it been removed since support ended? Is there a direct link (actual URL or ending to a URL ) that I can use to get in?

Finally, if I configure everything locally, is that essentially the same as "Expert Configuration"?

My issue is that I'm trying to set up a SIP trunk in Asterisk (RasPBX) and it keeps reverting back to settings I had before (which no longer work).

Thanks in advance.

P.S. A second set of questions. What are the main differences between the 3xx series and the 2xx series? I see that the 3xx series are still supported but I want to make sure that it will work before I buy one.


Use the local ip address of your obi to access the web ui. Username/password is admin.

Disable System Management-->Auto Provisioning-->OBiTalk Provisioning

OBiTALK provisioning is simpler than manual provisioning but the end result should be the same. You can use the Setup Wizard at the top of the page.

Main difference between 2xx series and 3xx series is 3xx series does not support consumer Google Voice.


Thank you for that information. I was looking at the Setup Wizard and it's a cut down version of the main groups. It helped a lot.