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Move number back to GV

Started by tom9875, March 02, 2024, 04:08:17 AM

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I used my OBI200 a few years ago (it an OBIHAI device not Poly) and it stopped working, I forgot about it as it did not get a lot of use.

Now I want to get the number working again, I see it in my account here, but it no longer shows up in Google Voice (I am not sure if it did when I set up OBI200)

I did port the landline number to GV when I got the OBI200

When I try to link my number to my GV account I get :

This phone number can't be used to verify a new account because it's managed by Google (e.g., Project Fi, Google Voice). Try verifying with another number.

Any ideas on how I can get control of the number again?

When I call it I can get to my  messages (w/pin)
Are there any other useful commands I can enter that way?



I figured out what email address I had that number associated with...

That seems to be the best solution