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obi2182 missed call notification - ring groups

Started by das1996, March 16, 2024, 10:47:11 PM

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Call route (ring group) in pbx consists of several extensions including several soft phones and a obi2182.

Received call will ring all devices in the ring group. If the obi2182 picks up, softphones indicate missed call in their logs. This is the expected and preferred behavior.

However, if one of the soft phones picks up, the obi phone does not reflect the missed call in its call log - home/call history/all or missed calls.

I pored over all the obiphone settings and didn't find anything that may control this behavior.

Pbx (freepbx/asterisk) has settings "Mark Answered Elsewhere". It is set to no. Toggling it back and forth made no difference either.

What am I missing?