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Do the OBI phones need any other hardware to function with Google Voice?

Started by bboost, July 10, 2024, 07:58:52 AM

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Do OBI phones require any other hardware to function with Google Voice?

I"m speaking about OBi1000 Series Business-Class Color IP Phones.

Currently I use an ObiBox (OBI200) which has worked flawlessly but I see they reached end of life some time ago.

I'd like to upgrade and like the 1000 or 2000 series phones but I just want to ensure I would *not* require any other hardware and everything currently operating via our OBI200 can be transitioned to the stand alone 1000 or 2000 phone.

Thank you.


oh...I guess the answer is a resounding no!

I found this thread on Google:

This may mean that Google Voice will only work through Google Workspace and not through 3rd party hardware, idk. That's a bummer as our OBI setup was (once configured) a flawless product in my opinion.

If anyone plans on moving to Google Voice via Google Workspace, I have two promo codes for Google Workspace Starter & Google Business Standard that provide 10% off for 1 year. This is not a solicitation and hope I am not violating rules of the chat but 10% is 10%.

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Parallel to Obitalk we have a second business that has used Google Voice Starter & Standard via Google Workspace and while not dirt cheap like Obitalk, it is also  an excellent product, well supported and more user friendly.


I have an OBi1032 working with consumer GV. No other hardware necessary.


Thank you, this was my question.

However, as I have researched the topic further, because OBitalk has reached end of life, as I understand it, you will be unable to port any new GV numbers or make any changes because it is no longer supported.

Therefore, if I purchased an OBi 1000 or 2000 phone I would not be able to port/add a new number to the device.

Now, as I write this, since I do have an OBI200 box working, I essentially already have a ported number to OBiTalk so maybe I could just plug this new hardware in and get it working.

That said, with the prospect of it working 'until further notice' does not give me much comfort as this is an office phone/number.


You don't port a number to Obitalk. Each OBi device needs to be individually configured for GV. That you already have the GV number working on an OBi200 is irrelevant.


Thank you @drgeoff

So my current desire would be to purchase an OBi 1000 or 2000 phone and get it working with my GV number.

Based on everything I read, this seems like it won't work now or is a risky bet. I am obviously not up on all the details as I last connected my Obi 200 box in 2015 and it has been working for almost 10 years with no issues.

Thank you for your help.


Both the OBi1000 and OBi2000 series are quite decent IP phones especially if you can still bag one at a knock down price.  I cannot say with any certainty whether one can now be configured for GV or, if it can, how long that would last.  But I would say that the consumer GV service is not really recommended for business use.  (And those phones do not support the paid GV offering.) However the phones do now, and will continue to irrespective of the Obitalk future, work with a vast number of IP telephony providers who provide reliable and low cost service.  From that point of view whether an OBi phone functions with GV is a red herring.


You can't add Google Voice to that phone.  Phones that still have a service provider authenticated to Google Voice will continue to work.

My linked post was very clear about that.