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Started by NerdUno, February 23, 2011, 06:43:51 AM

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Could someone document the syntax and configuration necessary to forward calls on No Answer to the softphone? I've checked CallForwardOnNoAnswerEnable but the syntax for sending a call to the softphone is not documented. I've tried using just the softphone number as well as **9 prefix, but both return "This is not a valid number."

FWIW: GT1() syntax is not documented in the Admin Guide.  ???


To configure directly on the device web page, the syntax is:

Substitute 290123456 w/ your obi number. Note the use of the "ob" prefix.

You can replace pp with other trunk prefixes: sp1/2,li, as needed.
The "ob" prefix is only needed for the pp trunk.


**9 or similar prefixes are used in dialing only (PHONE Port and AA Service).
You can pickup the phone, dial *62, followed by **9 & the the obi number.
Note that default *62 behavior is to apply the same call forward to all trunks.
Similarly dial *63 to cancel it.

If you use *62 **9 ..., method, you will also notice the same
format is used by the device to store the call forward configuration.
In other words, the call-route for forwarding call is determined at the time
the cal forward is configured; not when the call is forwarded.

OBIHAI Support Staff



Apologize, where on the device web page do we do this? Is it in the OBI expert configuration management interface someplace? Sorry- couldn't figure out what page to go to to enter this string.