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Started by Fabri, February 23, 2011, 05:40:12 PM

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  I'd like help to implement below outbound call rule; is anybody able to help?

for any number dialed:
1, if number has two digits only, keep going to speed dial numbers
2, if number has three digits only (emergency numbers), route to SP2
For any number with more than 3 digits:
3, if number starts with 00 (international calls), route to SP1 as is
4, if number starts with 6 (spanish cellphones): add prefix 0034 and route to SP1
5, if number starts with 9 or 8 (spanish landlines): route to SP2 as is
6, any other number dialed: add prefix 0039 (italy) and route to SP1
this is substantially to avoid dialing prefix for italy and spain and use flat rate for spanish landlines on SP2.

and what would be fantastic:
7, if number is busy, recall in 5 min.

thanks for your help,


Nice to see you're starting out with simple requirements.   :)

The following will almost certainly not work correctly on the first attempt as I don't have the time to test and debug it, but hopefully it will get you started.  My apologies if it turns out it's a total disaster.  There may be much simpler/better ways to satisfy your criteria.  It'll be interesting (to me at least) to see other suggestions.

The default Phone Port and Auto Attendant OutboundCallRoute DigitMaps get in the way of provider DigitMaps that need to alter the dialed number, so you will need to make the following changes:

Phone Port OutboundCallRoute:


Auto Attendant OutboundCallRoute:


Phone Port DigitMap : ([1-9]|[1-9][0-9]|**0|***|(Mpli)|(Msp1)|(Msp2)|**1[x*][x*].|**2[x*][x*].|**8(Mli)|**9(Mpp))

ITSPA DigitMap : (<**1>00xxx.|<6:**100346>xxxx.|<**10039>xxxxx.)

ITSPB DigitMap : (<**2>xxx|<**2>[89]xxxx.)

Set SP1 to use ITSPA.

Set SP2 to use ITSPB.

Please let me know how it goes.


This could be simpler but try it first  :D

Phone Outbound CallRoute = {(xxx|[89]xxxx.):sp2}, {(00xxx.|<6:00346>xxxx.|<:0039>xxxxx.):sp1}

Phone Digit Map = (x|xx|xxx|xxxxx.)

Best practice is to press # at the end of digit-dialing to shorten the time out.

Redial is *07


I considered a simpler more 'brute-force' approach such as OBi-Guru's, but I didn't want to disable the Phone Port's access to both Auto Attendants, the Line Port, and the OBiTalk Port.  I also wanted to keep the SPx dial plan specifics localized to their respective ITSPx areas instead of having them in the Phone Port area.

The beauty of the OBi is that it has so much flexibility.  Within the capabilities and limitations of the hardware, and depending on your end result objectives, you have a wide range of approaches available to accomplish the task.