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Ringing phones connected in parallel

Started by aawc, December 23, 2011, 12:18:14 PM

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Hi guys,

I have a question and I have spent a couple of hours trying to find the answer to it, including searching existing posts, but no luck so far. So here it goes:

I have an Obi110, and I have connected a splitter to its phone port. One of the outputs of this splitter is directly connected to a phone instrument and the other is connected to the Telco wiring in my house (3 parallel phone instruments).

I can use any of the phone instruments (3+1) to make and receive calls, but on incoming calls, only one phone rings, the one directly connected to the splitter. What do you think is causing this?

Here's a diagram of my setup:

Thanks in advance!


Is the telco wiring in your house disconnected from your outside telco line?  You must not connect a live telco line to the PHONE Port of an OBi.  Doing so could potentially damage the OBi.  A live telco line must be plugged into the OBi's LINE Port.


The line from Telco comes in only into the "Line" port on Obi110.
The "Phone" port, which is an output port on Obi110, is connected to the splitter.

I have updated the box diagram to reflect this.

EDIT: Adding the image inline for future reference.



I'd try connecting only my house wiring to the OBi PHONE Port and only connect one of the three phones at a time to see if each/any works properly by itself.  Then I'd add additional phones, one at a time, and see if they continue to work.  It could be a loading (REN) problem.


If I connect the telco line directly to the splitter, all phones ring.
This makes me think: Could the problem be related to the voltage of the phone out port?

I'll try connecting the instruments one at a time to see if each of them rings individually and report back.


RingWaveform defaults to Sinusoidal, but some phones do better with Trapezoidal.

RingVoltage defaults to 70v but can be raised as high as 82v.