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sp2 only registers on reboot to asterisk server

Started by sjpbx, December 23, 2011, 01:21:23 PM

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When I reboot the obi110, sp2 correctly registers with the asterisk server.  However, at the end of the 60 second registrationperiod, when it tries to reregister, I get "Register Failed: No Response From Server ".  The obi110 can obviously register, but can't stay connected.  Is there some setting I need to change either on the obi or the asterisk server?



I think it is a NAT issue.  I found this description in the OBI documentation

NAT Traversal Considerations

If the device sits behind a NAT (typically the case), it can discover the mapped external address corresponding to its local SIP contact address as seen by the server in one of the following ways:

-          From the "received=" and "rport=" parameters of the VIA header of the REGISTER response sent by the server; these two parameters tells the device its mapped IP address and port number respectively. This method is used if periodic registration is enabled on the device

-          From the response to a STUN binding request the device sent to a STUN server. This method is used by enabling X_KeepAliveEnable and setting the X_KeepAliveMsgType parameter to "stun". In that case, the STUN server is taken from the X_KeepAliveServer parameter, if it is specified. Otherwise, the keep-alive messages are sent to the same server where a REGISTER request would be sent to. The latter is the most effective way of using STUN to discover the mapped external contact address

The device always uses the mapped external contact address in all outbound SIP requests instead of its local contact address if one is discovered by either method discovered above.

However, I noticed that in my Linksys SPA the NAT Support Parameters are set to not use the VIA header.  Is there any way to not use the header data with OBI?