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Started by Jorge, December 26, 2011, 08:47:42 AM

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I'd like to be able to use Auto Attendant when calling from any number:

- I call my Obi from any not-trusted number.
- I press '#' during RingDelay, before my PH actually rings
- I'm sent to AA
- Finally, using my PIN, I'm able to place a new call or ask for a call back


In order to "hear" your button press, the OBi would have to answer the incoming line, before ringing your phone.  That has several undesirable properties:  If the caller hangs up before you answer, he would still be charged one minute for the call (possibly a lot, if calling from overseas).  If your service, e.g. Google Voice is set to ring other phones in addition to the OBi, you wouldn't be able to answer from the other phones, because OBi would have seized the call.  Call logs would incorrectly show calls as having been answered.



Set up a google voice number and set your Obi to deliver that number to the AA only, not the phone port.

From any phone you can dial that google voice number and using the IVR and option 2 (place a new call) call your main number to the Obi. The Obi will see the caller id of the google voice account and deliver to the AA.


Thank you jimates. It does work.

However, the problem is I'm not in the U.S., then every call to GV is an international call at high rate to me :/


Quote from: Jorge on December 27, 2011, 12:47:01 PM
However, the problem is I'm not in the U.S., then every call to GV is an international call at high rate to me :/
If you need a callback only when calling from one of a short list of numbers, you can set the OBi AA to call you back without answering at all, so you wouldn't get charged.

What country are you in?  There may be a way to get a free or inexpensive DID that could be used to trigger the callback.

Do you have web access from where you are making the call?  If so, a click-to-call service may be your best bet.  Otherwise, a callback service such as Fonworld might work.

Please post the details of your application (calling from where, to where, using mobile/smartphone/landline/payphone/etc.), approximate anticipated monthly minutes.