DTMF tones not working (resolved)

Started by azrobert, February 25, 2011, 02:18:57 PM

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DTMF tones are not working for me on SP1/GoogleVoice.   I called my cable company and their automated system was not recognizing my responses.  I tried calling them directly from Gmail and DTMF tones worked.  I then tried calling from SP2/SipSorcery using  the GoogleVoice call back method and this also worked, so I don't think it's the OBI110.  

First it was CID problems and now DTMF.  Is GV trying to screw OBi users?

The company I called was Cox Communications at 623-594-1000.


This is crazy.  I called their 800 number (800-229-6542) via SP1/GV and it worked!
Can anyone explain this?

Update 2:

Using SP1/GV about 50% of the companies I called with IVR systems failed to recognize my responses.

Changing the Phone port DTMFRxMode from "Hardware" to "Software" solved the problem.


Tried that 623 number with GV, seems to be working OK.   Are you trying to enter the entire account number and not being recognized?  Or at the beginning selection 1 for English, 2 for Spanish?

Some missing digits could be due to packet loss (it is the internet after all).