GV missed calls - when answered by home machine?

Started by offroad, January 13, 2012, 11:59:51 AM

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Quote from: offroad on January 28, 2012, 09:44:11 PM
Looks like you also made a change to something affecting 911 service, or at least it was moved farther into the string. 
Why was that needed?

This is a cleaner way to implement 911 to SP2.


I've been testing my OBi110 setup with a Verizon / Pantech UML290 4G modem in a Cradlepoint MBR95 4G router.

Late last week a Verizon firmware upgrade kept my laptop from accessing the internet, and after a replacement modem showed the same problem they sent me a Verizon USB551L modem.  That fixed my laptop getting on the internet but has caused a very strange problem with the OBi110.

Anytime I try to make a toll free call (early media or not), I get a message saying "The number you dialed 1800-xxx-xxxx was rejected by the service provider. Reason 500"  All other calls are fine.

If I plug in the ethernet cable from my WISP service I get no problems, but I also wasn't getting this issue with Verizon's Pantech UML290 modem either.  (I do have to manually set port 5080 or SP2 CallCentric doesn't register though).  I'm connecting to the same Verizon service, any ideas why this is happening?

SP1=GV, SP2=CallCentric (911), VG8=ideasip (all Toll Free)


It appears that the new device has a broken SIP ALG.  Unfortunately, I don't know of a free tollfree termination provider that accepts connections on an alternate port.

Possibly, using sip.tollfreegateway.com or tollfree.alcazarnetworks.com, instead of proxy.ideasip.com might work (by luck).

You should be able to make tollfree calls via Callcentric and SIPBroker, by dialing e.g. **2**275*18004377950 , though I believe that won't work for 855.  If that is acceptable, you can configure the OBi to rewrite the number automatically.

You could try writing to support at ideasip / tollfreegateway / alcazarnetworks and ask them if they accept connections on an alternate port.


I'm about ready to order a dedicated Pantech UML290 for home use in the Cradlepoint router.
Hopefully its a model specific thing, and the one I get will perform like the one I had for my work laptop before Verizon's upgrade broke it.

I had avoided a MiFi type device even though my Cradlepoint supports WiFi as Wan, as I thought getting wireless internet into my router might not work as well as just plugging in a 4G modem.  Now I'm wondering which might be best after all.  If I get another Pantech that plays well with the OBi110, at least I won't be using it with VZManager like on my laptop that will try to get you to upgrade software and firmware.