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Favorite OBi Tricks

Started by NerdUno, February 27, 2011, 08:42:41 AM

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But is it using one of the SP's?  I only have an Obi110 - already have SP1=GV, and SP2=Voip.Ms

Since I turned off auto provisioning (I'm guessing not to use any of the Obitalk portal configurations), Do I add it to the ITSP Profile A area and muddle my way through - the web interface area?



Replace SP1 (GV) with the CC sip acct. Make sure GV forwards all calls to CC.
SP2 voipms
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How will I make calls them with GV?


You will have to keep GV on the device if you want to use it for outgoing calls. The second sp spot can be used for either CC or What do you use for?


Got a Canadian DID my daughter uses like a calling card via AA, and a UK DID our family in England uses to call us.  I suppose if DID is as cheap with CC as - I could just use CC, but CC prob not as cheap


sounds like you need more than just 2 services. I guess the 202 is what you need.



Can a voice gateway be set up, such that 2 or more service providers can be accomodated?

I am talking about SP1=gv, sp2= VOIP.MS, sp3=callcentrics


Almost no one I know uses Skype anymore but I do have that one friend. He uses it on rare occasions when he is out of town.  I'm trying to sell him on the whole OBI idea because I love mine.  Until he does I have a great solution for calling him completely free from my OBI.  I already have a free sipgate one account.  I was able to add him as a local extension.  When I pick up my phone I can just dial 5555 and it will ring his Skype account.  For some reason it takes a few extra seconds before it starts ringing but I believe the lag time is my OBI is waiting for a few more digits.  If so I think I can fix that by adjusting the dial plan.  Other then that the whole setup works flawlessly. 
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With the new test firmware we can receive an SMS notification on our home phone using the OBi202.  This means Google can kind of send us a wake up call by sending us an SMS reminder.  It only gives you one ring though.  I guess I'll see if it wakes me up tomorrow.

I've been using this as a backup wake up scheduling reminder.  Seems reliable as long as you have internet and power.
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I just spent the last couple hours setting up an OBi "travel package".  
I installed DDR-WRT on an old no longer used wireless router.  It now grabs any wifi signal it can then bridge the connection to my OBi.  The setup can now be taken anywhere and it will connect my OBi to any open wifi source to allow calls.

I don't necessarily recommend using this with your primary Google Voice account as it is not secured but I plan to tinker with it a little more and see if I can secure it with VPN.  

Someone asked if you could use a Wireless router to bridge the connection and make calls.  So far call quality has been very good in my testing.  

The main advantages of this setup over the OBi202 with wifi adapter:

  • Plug it in and it automatically finds an open network.  No PC required.
  • VPN functionality possible
  • Full featured router.
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New favorite trick.  As many of you know Google Voice does NOT provide annonymous calling via *67.  This can be remedied however.  In fact calls to 1-800 numbers are not annonymous even when you block your number.  How can we fix this????

Create a new Gmail account.  Don't create add Google voice however.  Log in to Gmail and place a call.  Now enter those credential into your OBi as a new account.  

Now you can dial **x before the phone number to call completely anonymously.  x=the service provider slot you chose.

I thought the following would work to make *67 work but it doesn't.

Delete the following line from your star codes
*67, Block Caller ID Once, set($Bci1,1)      

add the following to the outgoing digit map for your physical ports line 1 and line 2 if you have it.

x = the service provider you set you gmail account up on.
{(<*67:>(Msp1)):sp1}  is for service provider 1  
{(<*67:>(Msp2)):sp2}  is for service provider 2  ect.....  

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I just tested this and it worked.

I connected an OBi110 to a landline and configured it to route incoming calls to an IP phone.  I made a test call to the landline and answered it on the IP phone.  I conferenced in a second IP phone for a 3-way call, then pressed the "join" button on the first IP phone to effectively transfer the call to the second phone.  The first phone removed itself from the call and the audio traveled directly from the OBi to the second phone.

With techniques like this, a few OBi110 devices could replace an entry-level IP PBX with very low cost and high reliability.


Something I noticed was that my outgoing audio was reported as  low, and incoming audio was a little hot compared to the wire line I had before. So using OBiTalk, I changed

  Physical Interfaces
    Phone 1->ChannelTxGain   = -3
    Phone 1->ChannelRxGain   = 12

I did this also for Phone 2, since I have an OBi202. I had a friend with the same symptoms and cure.
I think 12 is the max, or else I would have gone a tad higher. The TX and RX are obviously from the point of view of the OBi which thinks it is transmitting to your ear and is receiving from the microphone.


Dynamic DNS update hack:

This hack will let your OBi update Dynamic DNS.  It isn't perfect but it works very well.  It's as simple as calling a url to update the DNS at  I believe it would be a simple task to add this feature to the OBi firmware directly.  So please add this OBiHai.  Pretty please.  Until then here you go.

Set up a Dynamic DNS host at
Go to the Dynamic DNS tab.
Copy the "direct" update url link.
Open your Obi admin page.
Click the System management page.
Click Auto Provisioning.
Under "ITSP Provisioning" Change the following.
Method = Periodically
Interval = This setting must be greater then 400 so not to over use resources.  I use 3667.
ConfigURL = Paste the update link you got from

Press Submit at the bottom of the page.  Restart you OBi. 
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Quote from: tome on June 02, 2012, 07:30:36 AM
Looks like there is another way to get Caller ID with Name for free (or for e911 fee?).  I already have Callcentric e911 service on my Obi for which I pay $1.50/mo.  Callcentric currently has a free phone number offer (in the NY state area):

1) I got one of these numbers. 
2) Went to Google voice settings and turned off "Forward calls to:  Google chat". This did not do anything with outbound calling, that still works from my obi.
3) Added the new Callcentric number as a forwarding number in GV (on same screen as #2 - "Add another phone"
4) Verified this new added phone number and made sure it is selected for forwarding GV calls to.
5) (re)Enjoy knowing who is calling

Just a reminder to go into Callcentric's preferences to enable the inbound Caller ID.  Mine defaulted to off.  I have not tested to make sure that the incoming CNAM is working, but as soon as I get some calls that are NOT in my home phone's address book I will be able to confirm this.


Tom, I told CallCentric that I was not using the phone in the U.S. and did not have to pay for E-911 service.

My reasoning is:

a) I live in Hawaii and most people think we are a foreign country anyway.

b) Voip.Ms considers Hawaii an International destination (try to call the 808 area code with international calls disabled).

c) My free NYC number is used for inbound only so why would I need 911 service?

d) Without actually knowing my tax map key (a number that identifies my property for tax purposes) and Google Maps to see the property from the air, no emergency vehicles will be able to find my house without detailed instructions of which dirt road/tree to turn at and which road will cause them to break my irrigation pipes by driving over them.

I rest my case :-)
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Any tricks to use Google Chat and still be able to receive incoming calls?

Can we just use another IM client like Pigeon?