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Default ITSPx DigitMap Rule Inconsistency

Started by RonR, February 27, 2011, 02:33:51 PM

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Default ITSPx DigitMap : (1xxxxxxxxxx|<1>[2-9]xxxxxxxxx|011xx.|xx.)

Rule 1 (1xxxxxxxxxx) and rule 2 (<1>[2-9]xxxxxxxxx) of the ITSPx DigitMaps are inconsistent.  Rule 2 validates that the first digit of an area code is not a 0 or 1, but rule 1 does not.  For consistency, both should validate or neither should validate.

Some VoIP providers (IdeaSIP for one) use numbers that look like US PSTN numbers with an area code of 0 or 1, so the default ITSPx DigitMap should be:


This will provide compatibility with Google Voice and most VoIP providers.