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Started by lincdeko, February 28, 2011, 06:00:02 PM

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I bought an ObiHai device, had it sent to me, set it up and then sent it to my out of state mother.  Everything went well, I was able to call out and have people call in and so I packed it up.  My mom has installed it and I have checked everything via webcam, all the connections are correct.  I can call her and the ObiHai phone rings fine and when you call her landline all the phones including the Obihai ones ring and she can call out on the ObiHai phones but she cannot access the ObiHai with the # or the **8.  I didn't check the landline portion before sending it out as I don't have a line to check that with.  I have gone into the settings and I see the Phone port digit map and everything appears to be correct.  Do I have to setup the ObiHai again on her network or something?
I have done all the troubleshooting and settings checking I can think to do and so I am hoping someone can point something simple out that I missed. 


I believe you press# from the phone plugged into the Obi to access the landline (assuming that you have the landline from the wall jack plugged into the Obi) .  2nd depending on which setting you setup you service provider you would press **1 or **2 to choose it.  You can change the default that is used when making outbound calls under "Setup Wizard"/outbound setting.


Ohhhh okay so if google voice is setup as sp1 then **1 not **2 okay that could be the issue.  Let me call her and see if that works, I'll report back. 
Thank you!


Quote from: lincdeko on February 28, 2011, 06:36:55 PM
Ohhhh okay so if google voice is setup as sp1 then **1 not **2 okay that could be the issue.  Let me call her and see if that works, I'll report back. 
Thank you!

Yes you are correct you press ** then a 1 or 2 depending on which service provider or you can press # and it should dial from the landline.


If the default for outgoing calls was not changed -
then the LINE (landline) is the default and you should not have to press anything to access it, just pick up and dial. To access SP1 you need to dial **1.

If the default was changed -
to SP1 then you don't have to press **1 to access that line, just pick up and dial. But if you want to access the landline you would then have to press **8 or #.


Okay under PHONE port - Primary line  it says PSTN Line so her land line is the default. 
So she dials **1 and nothing happens
She dials **1 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX and she gets a recording saying to check the number and dial again (she is dialing the right number)

So we can't seem to access the obihai via the landline phones at all.


You don't access the obi from any landline phones. You can connect your landline to the LINE port of the obi, but you can only access it from the other phone that is plugged into the PHONE port, or by calling into it (circle of trust must be used to access the Atendanat when calling into the obi.

she might be dialing too many numbers from what you said (**1 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX)
To call using SP1 she should dial **1 xxx-xxx-xxxx.
Maybe it doesn't matter about that extra 1, but it doesn't have to be dialed.

Just picking up the phone and dialing should be the same as what she is used to and it should go out on the pstn line. Except she may have to dial 10 digits now instead of 7 (that can be fixed).


Okay that makes sense so she can use any phone for incoming calls (by way of the line port) but only the phone(s) plugged into the obihai can access the obihai.  Well I guess what I was trying to do is not going to work.  Well that simplifies things considerably.
As for too many numbers
**1 access the line and then just the 10 digits?  I guess this is getting confusing because she lives in Hawaii and they only dial 7 digits and my brain is on Hawaii dialing so I want to dial the 1 
To dial international would she dial **1 and then 011 still? 
I am sorry I have so many stupid questions.  I have a Ooma and it was so easy to setup, this is just a bit more complex for my wee brain. Thanks for helping.


by what you just said, it sounds like the existing phones are still connected direct to the LINE and not fed from the Obi.
something like this.


That diagram is exactly how it was setup.  My mom has just decided that she is going to have 2 phone lines, one for long distance and one for local so she doesn't need all the ** this or that.  :)  She likes the simplified approach so I guess all this doesn't matter.  We have unplugged the Line cord and they will just remain as 2 lines in the home. 
Jimates, thank you so much for your help with this, I know your screenname from over on SD and you've been an amazing help over there too. 


If she is only going to use the new line for long distance and doesn't mind using it as 2 separate lines that is sometimes the easiest way to do it unless there is someone to reconfigure wiring.

this is the intended configuration. But it could mean changing the existing wiring configuration to keep any voltage from the PHONE port of the Obi.


It's going to be very confusing unless all phones are connected to the OBi's phone port and only the OBi's line port is connected to the landline.  If you do that, you can get everything you want:

7-digit local numbers and 911 go to landline

long distance (1 + area code + number) and international (011 + country code + number) go to SP1

There will be no **? involved.

To accomplish this, make the following changes:

Phone Port DigitMap : ([1-9]|[1-9][0-9]|911|**0|***|#|(Msp1)|(Mli)|**9(Mpp))

Phone Port OutboundCallRoute : {(<#:>|911):li},{**0:aa},{***:aa2},{(Msp1):sp1},{(Mli):li},{(<**9:>(Mpp)):pp}

Line Port DigitMap : (xxxxxxxS4)

ITSPA Digitap : (1xxxxxxxxxx|011xx.)


Yeah with me in Colorado and her in Hawaii I cannot imagine trying to get her to deal with the wiring.  She was very positive with the idea of using 2 lines so simple is how we roll from here.  She is just happy to have free long distance and 2 cents a minute to her friend in Japan.  
Ohh since you seem so knowledgeable.  Is there a way to get the Obihai to dial an emergency number?  I figure if there was a bad situation and the closest phone was the obihai line one they might try 911 and if there is a way to set that up, it might be a good idea.  

RonR It's great that it *can* be done but I know she won't be okay with losing the phone in the kitchen and her bedroom so with her being okay with 2 lines I think she's probably setup the best way for her.  I'll also admit that the {{{[}]}]} stuff sort of freaks my brain out like it's algebra. 


Quote from: RonR on February 28, 2011, 10:45:54 PM
Line Port DigitMap : (xxxxxxxS4)

Better for this particular situation, where all 7-digit calls are considered local (eliminates the four second delay):

Line Port DigitMap : ([2-9]xxxxxx)
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By default, 911 goes out the landline.

You can also access the landline directly by pressing # first.  You will get a landline dialtone and can make a landline call at that point.


I know that you can make it dial out on SP1 and also make it dial a certain number (emergency number) should anyone dial 911 from the phone connected to the Obi. Since I only have GV I was going to set mine up to do that but just haven't invested the time to figure it out.

I am sure that RonR knows how to configure it. But whether he can tell us in simple terms we can understand, I do not know.


As I said, 911 goes to the landline port by default.  If you want 911 to dial some number on SP1, that can be accomplished also.


Quote from: RonR on February 28, 2011, 11:07:55 PM
As I said, 911 goes to the landline port by default.  If you want 911 to dial some number on SP1, that can be accomplished also.
How would we do that? 
She is not using the line port at all.  Her landline has a set of phones and her obihai has a set and they will have nothing to do with each other so dialing 911 won't go anywhere because it won't have access to the landline.


To make 911 dial an alternate number on SP1, replace the first route in Phone Port OutboundCallRoute:




where ??????????? is a valid number for the SP1 provider.



and did you change the primary line on the Obi to SP1, so she won't have to dial **1 to place calls from it.