Help for the clueless, can't dial out on a landline phone

Started by lincdeko, February 28, 2011, 06:00:02 PM

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911 will unconditionally send the replacement number to SP1.

You need to set Phone Port Primary Line to SP1 Service so everything else goes to SP1 without the need for **1.


To elaborate on RonR's earlier post, what needs to replace ??????????? is an 11-digit number of her local 911 center that is answered 24 hours a day.  These can be tricky to find because first, it has to be a number for the 911 answering point that serves her area (wouldn't want the call going to the wrong island) and second, it has to be a number that emergency calls are expected to come in on, not a business office number that's only answered during normal working hours.  Such numbers are often used by smaller cell phone providers.

Sometimes you can get the number by calling the non-emergency number and explaining that you need a way to access 911 from a computer phone service that doesn't have a direct landline connection and therefore cannot dial 911 directly.  They might give you the number and they might not.  They might even give you a hard time just for asking — it just depends on the local dispatch center.

This page may help you find the PSAP that serves her area, although unfortunately it doesn't give phone numbers:
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Quote from: jimates on February 28, 2011, 11:27:36 PM

and did you change the primary line on the Obi to SP1, so she won't have to dial **1 to place calls from it.
Yes the Obihai is working fine, shes called me about a dozen times tonight, but thank you for checking.

RonR thank you for the instructions on setting up 911.  I just talked to her again and suggested replacing ALL of her phones with cordless phones, she sounds a little iffy but perhaps we can use the instructions you posted earlier if I work on her a little more.  I just wanted to make this as easy as possible on her and if I could be there, I would just do it all but this long distance walking her through stuff has her on edge now.  Fortunately I can connected to her laptop and then the obihai if I need to.  We may yet get her completely converted but in the meantime the 911 workaround is very welcome.  

MichiganTelephone thanks for that link, I'll call HPD tomorrow and get the number, the local guys are usually very helpful out there.  I also have a friend who is dating a officer so if all else fails I may have a work around there too.

I think we're set for now.  
Thank you to everyone who chimed in you guys are all so helpful and it is very much appreciated!


Cordless phones are relatively inexpensive these days and is a simple solution that doesn't require any wiring changes.  The net result using the OBi changes I outlined should make for a really streamlined phone system.

The OBi is a fantastic product.

Good luck with it!


Calling RonR or Michigan Telephone!
I got my mom to agree to take the plunge but I am having some issues.  
Settings from earlier in the thread
Phone Port DigitMap : ([1-9]|[1-9][0-9]|911|**0|***|#|(Msp1)|(Mli)|**9(Mpp))

Phone Port OutboundCallRoute : {(<#:>|911):li},{**0:aa},{***:aa2},{(Msp1):sp1},{(Mli):li},{(<**9:>(Mpp)):pp}

Line Port DigitMap : ([2-9]xxxxxx)

ITSPA Digitap : (1xxxxxxxxxx|011xx.)

I unclick the default box and add the settings, save and reboot and they revert right back.  What the heck am I doing wrong?  Also will they have to be reset when I upgrade firmware too?

Here are her current settings and what it keeps reverting to
Phone Port DigitMap : ([1-9]x?*(Mpli)|[1-9]|[1-9][0-9]|911|**0|***|#|**1(Msp1)|**2(Msp2)|**8(Mli)|**9(Mpp)|(Mpli))
Phone Port OutboundCallRoute : {(<#:>|911):li},{**0:aa},{***:aa2},{(Msp1):sp1},{(Mli):li},{(<**9:>(Mpp)):pp}
Line Port DigitMap : (xxxxxxxS4)
ITSPA Digitap : (1xxxxxxxxxx|<1808>[2-9]xxxxxx|011xx.|xx.)

Thanks for all your help.  


@ lincdeko

I thought you would be doing this remotely, sounds like you are using the web interface since you said you reboot the device.

if you are working from the web interface you have to disable Auto Provisioning or the Obitalk settings will overwrite your configuration every time.

web interface
System Administration > Auto Provisioning > Auto Provisioning -  set to disable, submit & reboot

You may do better to use the Obi Expert Configuration from the dashboard. You can still make changes like on the unit, you just click submit and don't have to reboot. Obitalk will update the unit in about 15 seconds.

I skimmed over the previous posts and I think you wanted to change the default outgoing line to sp1 and also use an alternate number for 911.

You should be ok with default settings except for the primary line and if you need to set up the 911 see my guide here


Hi Jim,
I didn't realize I could do this all from the obitalk site.  I am logged in and in the expert area, there are 2 boxes after the settings device default and obitalk settings, do I uncheck both of them to put in the settings? 


yes you will have to uncheck both.

If the Obitalk box is checked, unchecking it will usually check the default box, then just uncheck the default and make your changes.


Done and tested and it seems to be completely functional, of course we didn't test 911, but local calls go out on the phone and long distance goes out google voice. 
Thanks for all your help Jim, Ron and MichiganTele. 


One of the nice features is the call history. You can dial a number and hang up without completing the call and then the call history will tell you which line the call went out on, what number was called etc.

Great for verifying the alternate number rules. It shows what you pressed on the phone and then what number was actually called and how it was routed.

but not suggested for 911, lol. And without the line plugged in it returns a "no service available" error. I tested my 911 by plugging in my 2nd obi to the line port. The obi only needs for there to be service on the line to process the call so it worked great for me.