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Can I use my landline at work to call OBi at home, and then dial out?

Started by Jeff47, January 27, 2012, 01:22:22 PM

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I am a new user, and only use OBi+GV to make calls from home so far.

Does "Trusted Caller" has to be an OBi endpoint? Can I add my regular landline at work as a Trusted Caller, so I can call my OBi at home, and then dial out?

If the answer is yes, can you tell me how to add my office landline as Trusted Caller? thanks,


To have calls from your office telephone number routed to the Auto Attendant:

Voice Services -> SP1 Service -> X_InboundCallRoute : {12341234567:aa},{ph}

where 12341234567 is your office telephone number (as shown in the OBi Call History).


You will usually get better quality and lower latency if you make the call via the GV auto atttendant, rather than going through the OBi.

With default settings on GV (and the OBi not answering the call), you would wait for GV voicemail to answer, press * during the greeting, enter your GV PIN, then press 2 to make an outgoing call.

You can set up GV so calling from your office number takes you directly to the GV auto attendant; you would then just dial 2 and the desired number.  However, if you need to call home from your office, e.g. to tell your wife that you'll be working late, it would be a problem.  Of course, you could avoid that by calling from antoher number (if your office has more than one line) or your cell phone, by calling to another number (cell, landline or SIP number at home) or blocking the caller ID.