Google voice call drops: analysis and solution

Started by screefchap, March 04, 2011, 03:51:18 PM

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Hi Guys,

Here are my thoughts on sporadically dropped GV calls, and what I believe is the solution (pronounced "feature request" :-)

As others have reported, I too have experienced GV call drops.  The call duration has varied between 1 and 20 minutes.   Very unpredictable, and extremely irritating.

Others have described how they swapped out their routers, and the problem vanished.  The intuition is that there's NAT trouble on the router.  And intuition would be _wrong_ in this case.  The problem is actually being caused by the ethernet interfaces on some routers -- not the firewall/NAT function.

I've spoken with Michael of tech support, and provided him with ethernet captures of both sides of my (Linux iptables) firewall, while a call dropped, but these were inconclusive according to him.

My network has a single Extreme Networks Summit Summit200-24 switch, which is a fully-managed enterprise-grade 26-port device (24 x 10/100 and 2 x 10/100/1000), and is non-blocking wirespeed on all ports.

I noticed that there's no setting on the Obi110 to monitor status or set speed or set duplex.  This got me to thinking that perhaps the problems I've been experiencing are related to an auto-negotiation mismatch.

So I put a dumb 10/100/1000 switch between the internal interface of the firewall and the switch, and connected the Obi110 to the dumb switch.  Since then, I've not had a single dropped call.  Then I put the Obi110 back on the switch, and forced the interface to 100/full, and again everything works properly.

So, I'd like to make 2 feature requests:

1. In Status/System Status, show Ethernet Speed (i.e. 10/100), and Ethernet Duplex (i.e. full/half), and which of these were automatically negotiated, or manually set.

2. In System Management/Network Settings add a new section "Ethernet Settings" that has two pulldown options -- Speed (Auto/10 Mbps/100 Mbps), and Duplex (Auto/Half/Full).