Forwarding / Routing Line Inbound calls on OBi110

Started by conde, March 05, 2011, 09:23:34 AM

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I wanted mu Obi110 to forward all Line Port incoming calls to my Iphone soft Obi number.
I have tried Inbound call route : PP and CallForwardingUnconditional to **92xx xxx xxx but it is not working.

I also tried Inbound call route {>(**92xx xxx xxx):pp} with no call forwarding but still not working.

By the way, I disabled Auto provisioning to avoid inbound call route being forced back into ph. Is there a way to avoid this without disabling auto provisioning?

Many Thanks


Just off the top of my head...

Try changing the **9 to ob and it might work (if it doesn't post again, we'll figure it out).

Example, {>(ob2xx xxx xxx):pp}
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By chance came across this link courtesy of ShermanObi to a forum post, might be of help and it also talks about use of ob ...



Please try this...
Set the InboundCallRoute of your LINE Port to {pp(ob290123456)}
Replace 290123456 with the actual number of your OBi softclient.

Thank you.
OBIHAI Support Staff


Sorry, *72 **118058813717# works fine; not sure what I was doing wrong.
InboundCallRoute remains at the default value of ph.