Losing Google Voice connection

Started by obitalk@svpelican.com, March 07, 2011, 07:38:28 AM

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When my OBi first boots I get a fairly immediate connection to GV.  It usually works fine for 1-3 days.  Then the service drops and the service status just says "Connecting" forever - until I reboot.  Firmware version is 1.1.0 (Build: 1892).


Could you send email to support@obihai.com with your OBi number? Support might be able to help.




I've had my OBi110 hooked up to Google Voice continuously since 08feb2011 with no need for rebooting, etc.   

I did update to the FirmWare version OBi110-1-1-0-1892.fw  (the same as you mentioned.)  And there was that transient issue with no outbound CallerID from 15feb2011 to 01mar2011.  (But el GOOG fixed that 01mar2011.)  But beyond these notes, my OBi110 with GV has been behaving perfectly in every way since installation !

Good luck tracking down the glitch and getting to enjoy the trouble-free service that my setup has been giving me !

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i had the problem of both sip providers set (regardless of google or any other provider) on obi110 getting authentication failures on sunday night.  i kept trying to figure out what went wrong.  i rebooted, reset, deleted, added back, etc.  each troubleshooting method was successful at first.  but after it rebooted once (e.g. after adding 1st sip then to add another), it got that authentication failures again for both sip.

4.5 hours till the wee monday hours, i gave up and just sent a support ticket.  the next morning, after i rebooted it, it worked fine.  then i got an email from support confirming that some obi110 units were affected where obihai was sending null passwords to the obi units after those reboots, when it had to communicate with their servers, which caused the authentication failures.

unfortunately, i (my unit) was one of those "lucky" ones.  after that fiasco, my obi's working fine without any failures (so far).
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Hi I have been having a similar problem with my sip provider and a GV account. I changed settings to another GV account . It has been stable after changing accounts. However my sip account is another story. It stays reged a few days, then for some reason I get SIP 401 error. Did I understand you fixed your issue? How?
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this is the reply i got from support:


We apologize for the inconvenience you have encountered.

Yesterday evening, during scheduled maintenance of the OBiTALK web portal, the voice service configuration settings on a small number of OBi110 device's Service Provider 1 and Service Provider 2 were overwritten with a null profile.  This effectively cleared the username and password setting for your VoIP service(s).  Unfortunately your OBi110 was affected.  In order to restore VoIP service to your OBi110, please do the following:

1. Log-in to www.obitalk.com
2. Select your OBi110 from the OBi Dashboard
3. At the bottom of the page, select the "Service Provider 1" configuration link.
4. Re-enter the Username for this service in the field provided – e.g. your Gmail email address or SIP account user name / ID.
5. Re-enter the Password for this service.

~Only if you have a second VoIP service set-up on the OBi110~
6. Repeat the steps above for "Service provider 2" by selecting the appropriate link in step 3.


after i rebooted and reconfigured my sip providers, both are working fine.  1 is gv, 2 is a sip provider.  both are working since monday morning.

btw, i think error 401 means either the username &/or password for the proxy server is incorrect.  you may want to check the password is correct, especially since it is visually obfuscated on the display for your protection.  it's quite easy to make a typo there and not recognize it.
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Owner of the 1st OBi110/100 units in service in Canada & South America. 1st OBi202 on my street. 1st OBi1032 in Montreal.


i'm glad to help.  error code 401 or 407 means either username &/or password is/are incorrect.

btw, just for confirmation to obi users, the working status for google accounts is "Connected" while for sip accounts, it's "Registered".
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