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Physical FXS to FXO Relay - Not functional in OBi110 Hardware ver 3.4

Started by pedro, March 24, 2012, 06:41:19 AM

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Quote from: searchformission on October 30, 2013, 10:54:17 AM

Just got off chatting with support. Whoever is handling the chat support is terrible.
The type of support I got was being ignored, and got closed down.

I was asking whether there is anything I can do to solve this relay problem with the newer Obi110 hardware. If they don't support it, then tell me so. Ignoring a customer by shutting down, without providing any help is not professional at all.

Question: Is there a way to verify what hardware version the obi110 runs on? Without logging into it via the control panel? Thanks.

I think you were trying to ask if OBi would assist you in adding a relay etc to an newer OBi110 by adding parts. If they understood the question, the answer would be no.

Is there a way to see if your OBi110 has a relay? There may be a way based on label, but if you bought your unit in the past few years, it is not going to have the relay. If you were inspecting used units,  one way would be to check for continuity with an ohmmeter while the unit is powered down.

If you were asking if you  could buy a current OBi that has the line bypass relay, the answer is yes. However it is outside of your price range.


This is the reason (which I found out the hard way) I hooked up an old, corded phone directly to my land line. All my other phones are either cordless (useless in a power outage) or plugged into the Obi110. If the power goes out we have one phone in the house to call out.

All this I might add since my better half refuses to own a cell  >:(

I would imaging there are few of us in this dilema


You can always use a cordless phone  if the base is powered by a UPS, assuming that the provider is still working (for cable modems that would mean the cable is up and the modem/router is on UPS). If you have a POTS landline, the you would need the OBI and the cordless base to have power with a UPS.

A UPS is available at Walmart, Costco, Radio Shack.

An external unit I drew up uses a DPDT relay, a small power supply and some phone connectors and cords.

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A simplified Voip explanation:


If building an external unit like that, you can also pick up a 12vdc coil, DPDT relay at Radio Shack (  Then you can use the OBi's power supply instead of adding another.  Tie into the power however you like, such as with a set of matching power connectors also from Radio Shack (take in the power supply to make sure you get the right connectors).