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Author Topic: Will I be able to do this with OBi (funky forwarding)?  (Read 8611 times)
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« on: March 30, 2012, 12:34:44 am »


I've been planning to make it easier for friends and parents to call me and I was wondering if OBi can help. I've been looking at the online at the docs and I am not really sure it can be done. I can do what I want with back to back Cisco ATAs and Asterisk (at least I knew how to do that back in 2007, but I do not want to spend so much time now, and maintain it)

I'm trying to achieve the following:

1) US based OBi 100 with a SIP account to my old cell phone provider in EU and google voice account in the US.

1.a The primary goal is to have anybody who called my original EU number (call will be received via SIP by OBi) gets transparently forwarded to my US cell (OBi uses google voice to make the outbound call). By transparently I mean no prompts, no DTMF, etc - completely transparent to the original caller.
1.b Secondary goal - my US cell calls my GV # (OBi receives the call on my google voice number) and sends a DTMF in international format, OBi uses my SIP account to my old cell phone provider to make an outbound call to the DTMF dialed number.

Technically I would not need the OBi ata for this, just the routing, but I am not sure I would not need to put 2 OBis back-to-back on the phone connection to make it happen.I also guess it is the OBi endpoint that runs the GV connection anyway.

2) EU based OBi 110 with my patents POTS and google voice (a different account than the first)

2.a The primary goal is to have the DECT behind the OBi be transparently routed via the POTS provider for any non-US numbers and via GV for any US numbers i.e. my parents call my cell (OBi to recognize the prefix - 001 - use GV, anything else - use the POTS)

2.b When calling from my US cell the GV# the OBi to ring the DECT behind

2.c Secondary: when specific numbers call the POTS number be given a simple menu that will either connect the call to the DECT behind it, or will use the OBi GV account to call my US cell.

2.d When calling from my US cell the GV# the OBi picks up and allows me to send a DTMF. Then the OBi uses the POTS to dial that number.

I know it is a little funny (i mean twisted), and could have probably got those two and a phone an stage it, but I just want to set it one and forget it forever.

Will this work? Would you recommend to use the OBi network between EU and US instead of GV transport?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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