Inbound calls just plain stopped tonight?

Started by aot2002, April 05, 2012, 06:59:25 PM

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Quote from: Karmabiker on April 06, 2012, 08:18:20 AM
well I gave up on google voice.  Callcentric has a $3 a month DID with free inbound minutes that you can add the pay per call outbound to for a free inbound / cheap outbound interface and phonenumber that will actually ring the obitalk.  Perfect for me since the obi is a secondary line for my finacee to take calls from her mom on the weekends and for people at the security gate to let whomever is home know they are here.

I am thinking of getting Callcentric DD and ditch GV altogether.  I signed with callcentric outbound and 911 service as second line backup.    Now I am thinking of making callcentric primary line and primary #


No service 503 rejected by service provider, come on OBI give us a status please!!


Incoming calls don't ring but recognized under "history" list.  I hope Obi is working with GV to fix the problem but a status would be nice.


Quote from: SueBee on April 06, 2012, 09:30:33 AMI hope Obi is working with GV to fix the problem but a status would be nice.

I don't think GV "works with" anyone outside of Google — seems they pretty much do what they doggone well please and don't much care when they break something.

I will say that if you can get a free DID somewhere and know how to configure it so it will send calls to your OBi, that tends to be more reliable than using Google Chat, if only because Google does not seem to feel the need to break that functionality every so often.  It's much worse if you are using certain software PBX packages (cough)Asterisk(cough) but for whatever reason it seems like the fine folks at GV just aren't happy to leave well enough alone when things are actually working as they should be.  Typically things like this get fixed within a week or two, although Obihai support may be able to find a way to tweak something to make it work reliably sooner than that.

You might find this thread on interesting (there are a couple of posts in there suggesting sources of free and low cost DID's):
Obi110 with google voice can't receive calls
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I tried unchecking Google Chat from the GV web preferences, leaving just another phone number checked for forwarding, tested it, it worked, the other phone rang. Then I switched back to having only Google Chat checked and it's working, my OBI rings. Not sure if it's just a coincidence and Google fixed it or the switch I tried "fixed" it. It's worth giving it a try.


I had the same problem last night. I reset my obi today, and incoming calls now work (phone rings) with gvoice.



Yup. Happy to  report that it started working when I tried again this morning at around 930am Pacific Time (didn't work when I first tried at around 8am)!  ;D


Yay! I just tested it too with three different cellphones and they all rang through! So happy it was a temporary issue! :D


confirmed working for me as well. as is good again.



Still no luck here for me.  Got one inbound call a couple hours ago, but still not working.  I understand it's free, but it sure makes me want to do something else if this is as serious as they take it. :(


Anyone still having problems should reboot their OBi.  This can be done by dialing ***91.


Confimed Obi/GV is working.  The problem got fixed late afternoon.


Still wasn't working but seems to be fixed w/in the past hour for me.  Hopefully it is stable...