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Unable to receive sip calls

Started by xman, November 10, 2010, 11:16:51 PM

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I have registered 2 sip accounts. I'm able to call out of both but unable to receive calls. I checked the OBi device manager web page under the SP1 and SP2 service status and it says Register failed. I have placed my OBi110 in DMZ zone of router to bypass the firewall and also opened the port 5060 with no success. Please help


What kind of SIP provider is it?  Usually when the registration page says fail, it won't allow you to call out.

The default setting when calling out from SP1 is to dial **1 followed by the PSTN number, and from SP2 would be **2.

The other possibility is to make the registration period shorter, to allow calls to come in.
Service Providers -> ITSP Profile A -> SIP -> RegistrationPeriod = 30

i was able to configure succefully my google voice to work with my analog phone, to make as well as receive phone calls. It will ring on my analog phone as well as on the cell, when I called the google voice number. Now however,  I still can make calls from my analog phone and it dispalys the GV number, but when I call GV, my analog phone does not ring anymore. Any suggestions?


Calling into GV - it will ring the phone on OBi110 if you don't have your Gmail open.   The GV can't ring both the Gmail call phone (on your PC) client simultaneously as the OBi110.   It might sometimes pick the OBi110 phone or the PC call phone client.   This is how GV is set up.   

So, perhaps you can sign up for a new Gmail acct with a GV number, and don't have the Gmail open on your PC, so the call will reliably come to OBi110 GV client.


I'll second the notion that you should use a totally separate Gmail account (that you do not actually use for e-mail) for your Google Voice.  However, if you've already added a Google Voice number to your primary e-mail account, then what you can do is create a new Gmail account, but don't add a new Google Voice number to it - instead, use this form to transfer your existing Google Voice number from your primary account to the new one:
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