Call Forwarding on PHONE Port

Started by RonR, March 10, 2011, 12:54:45 PM

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When I leave the house, I like to have ALL my incoming calls forwarded to my cell phone while I'm away.  At the moment, this entails individually enabling call forwarding on the LINE, OBiTALK, SP1, and SP2 ports.  When I return, I have to individually disable call forwarding on all these ports.  Even worse, forwarding incoming ports disables the use of the OBi110 by others calling in on those ports who would normally be sent to the Auto Attendant and be able to call back out.  I suspect there are other similar cases that call forwarding could interfere with.

Having individual call forwarding settings on each port is highly desirable and should not be changed.  My question is, why doesn't the PHONE port also have a set of call forwarding options (unconditional/on busy/on no answer) in its Calling Features list?  This would allow forwarding of ALL calls that are destined for the PHONE port (only) to be conveniently forwarded with one enable instead of four and would not disrupt incoming rules on the LINE, OBiTALK, SP1, and SP2 ports.

It seems to me this would be trivial to implement, involving only a small number of copy/paste's of existing code.