Ideal Setup for 2 GV Users and One Obi

Started by rothnic, March 10, 2011, 03:48:42 PM

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My fiance and I both have verizon android phones, and both use GV numbers. I was able to setup my obi device I got yesterday no problem with my GV information.

I was worried about a possible conflict if she calls my cellphone from the housephone connected to the obi, since it would be from my GV number to my GV number.

Has anyone looked into creating a separate GV account as your "home phone number." Then I could have each of our personal GV numbers forward to the home phone GV number. The issue would seem to be lag in all the connections, but might be more ideal.

Anyone dealt with this issue?


Then I could have each of our personal GV numbers forward to the home phone GV number.
You can't forward a GV number to another GV number in your GV.

calling your GV # from your GV # will send the call direct to your voicemail/attendant

Assuming her GV number is on sp2
In your Obi's speed dial list put a speed dial as **2 + yourGV#
When she presses that speed dial the call to your GV number will go out on sp2, which is her GV. Pressing **2 before any dialed number will send the call out on sp2.


Thanks a bunch, this will work. Was able to call myself and it looked like she was calling me.


Another thing you could do - and I'll leave it to one of the more expert people to describe how it's done because I haven't done it yet - is setup a route so that if you dial one of the GV numbers, it automatically routes the call out through the other number.

My wife and I have the same setup you describe.  My GV is SP1, hers is SP2, though I set SP2 as the default outbound calling provider since she makes more calls than I do and I don't mind prefixing mine with **1.  But if I want to call her, I will have to do that as well or else it'll dial her voicemail; at some point I'll set up the calling routes, I'm still in the "playing" phase so I'm not too worried about it yet :>


Yeah I'm thinking I might do the same for now. Set hers to the default so I don't have to bother her with knowing the ** prefix or speed dial numbers.



Hi guys,

You might want to set up the "Phone PrimaryLine"=Trunk Group 1 on the OBi. This setting forces the OBi to use the next available line. I think this is what you are trying to accomplish. You won't need to dial **1 or **2.
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That would work if I just want to make a call; and for calling people like our parents and some friends, it would be fine.  But more often than not we'll want to make a call from a specific number - hers or mine - so having the 110 pick the next available could be problematic.

Also lead to interesting conversations when friends of hers start getting calls from "me" on their cell phones :>