Is OBIhai collecting data on their users?

Started by, March 11, 2011, 09:44:05 AM

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The first time I connected and every time I reset obi110, there are entries in the connection log indicating an unauthorized connection to

on ports 10000, 10120.

The above is an amazon server.

Please explain.


This is an initial registration connection to allow OBi call to another OBi (**9 xxx xxx xxx).


You may want to check on that, I thought I had resolved these connections by enabling/disabling Obitalk and reseting.  However, now when I look the connections have returned:

  •, f:
  •, f:
  •, f:

Then there are firewall notifications which indicate incoming connections being dropped:

  • src= dst=x.x.x.x ipprot=6 sport=24249 dport=10000 Unknown inbound session stopped
  • src= dst=x.x.x.x ipprot=6 sport=60092 dport=10000 Unknown inbound session stopped