a case for caller-ID spoofing support within the Obi110

Started by rob613@gmail.com, May 14, 2012, 03:04:41 PM

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In another thread I've been discussing a technique to achieve my desire of having the Obi110 answer and basically disconnect unwanted calls that come from a set of Caller-IDs.

Outside of this forum I've been in discussion with others about some other aspects of this problem that might be worth solving through external resources.

At some level an intrinsic feature to the Obi110 that would be helpful for this would be needed.  This same feature would have some practical benefit for other purposes as well.   I'm posting here to address the feature request and explain some of the ways I would like to see it used.

I would like the Obi110, when forwarding a call, to be able to spoof the caller-ID of the caller.

For my call rejection need, this allows calling into a special SIP destination that would speak the caller-ID to the actual caller.  It would appear to the caller that my line was answered by whatever device that did this even though behind the scenes the call was forwarded to another device that did it.

For trusted callers who get to call out using my outbound services this feature would also be useful so that their calls are distinguishable from when I or another caller calls the same destination.

In another thread altogether it is mentioned how an argument can be passed to the auto attendant :aa($1) by which the caller-ID is used to call the caller back if there is a disconnect before the auto attendant answers.

Other threads include examples of how to forward through sp1(nnn) to call nnn.

I think in both these cases using a second parameter would be useful.

Suppose I have someone known by their well known caller-ID of 800IRS1040.
Suppose they are on my trusted caller list by their 1777abc SIP number.
I can now set up a special inbound call rule for them:
aa($1,1800IRS1040) so that not only does my auto-attendant call them back, any calls I place for them would go out with their public CID information presented to the next hop.

And should I wish to forward them directly on to a specific number:
sp1(nnn,$1)  so that the next hop sees the call as if coming from the same caller-ID that actually called me.

Ideally having this not as a PSTN number, but a special SIP number either through sp2 or a direct SIP specification such as sip:scareme@voip.scareme.org or sip:test@voip.whatsmyCID.org would be a better option.