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Beeps/Music while waiting for call to be connected

Started by dealyanodeal, March 15, 2011, 03:59:57 PM

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Lots of people are experiencing call delays ...up to 20 seconds lag between dial of the  last number and the actual ring at the destination number. It will be very nice if OBI can play a continuous beeps(or some music) while it is parsing,reading,dialing the number.It will really help in assuring the user that the call is in progress and not lost.Maybe a system option to turn this off and on will be needed too so that uses who dont like/want this ..can turn it off.


Keep in mind that sometimes when this delay occurs, it could be fixed in a digit map.  Sometimes people forget to add S0 after a pattern to eliminate post-dial delay, or something like S4 to hold it to a reasonable amount of time yet still give the caller the opportunity to dial additional digits.  That's not always the cause, but sometimes it is.
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