Where in the World is RonR????

Started by RFord, June 05, 2012, 05:51:40 AM

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No really. I see the Obi202 for either the his/hers line, or a small SOHO. Currently I use my Obi202 to solve an interesting problem.* One of us in this household regularly forgets to hang up, meaning one can't reach us (sans remote answering machine). With the Obi202 there's an available phone to ring.

*Apparently this is common enough a company has come out with a dedicated device.


While everybody's needs are different the main issue is whether you call domestically or internationally. For domestic use, you are perfectly set with 2 providers( GV on low and and Callcentric on high end). With international calling it is very different. My bill would increase more than 3 times if I used Callcentric for everything (GV is really not an option for that). If I had more traffic I would even consider a second Obi 202 as a back up and to separate my foreign DID's.