Placing a call from forwarded phone

Started by n-bee-r, March 14, 2011, 09:00:23 PM

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I don't have any phone service either landline or VOIP to my home. I'm using only mobile phone or GChat. All incoming calls are forwarded to my mobile# and GChat.
Now I configured SP1 as GV and connected a old phone to Obi110, so the question is can I place call from my mobile# to Obi? and how? For example, if I call from mobile phone while on the road to Obi, can it ring the phone connected to Obi110?



Just try it. Dial the number like you normally do. If you leave all the settings default, the phone connected to the OBi should ring. It's more convinient  for you if you make the GV account the primary line. It avoids having to press any **1 or **2 numbers before making a call.

If you really want to be impressed read the following thread. It explains how to set up the Obi to callback your cell based on the CID. Really neat if you have free incoming minutes plan.

General Support > Day-to-Day Use > Call Back via Auto Attendant on the OBi Device

Since you have no Pots line, you might think about to tweaking your "Physical Interfaces->PHONE Port->OutboundCallRoute" section of the OBi web page configuration to make outgoing calls from the attached phone on the GV Trunk. Edit the following part {(<#:>|911):li} to {(<#:>|911):SP1} (or SP2).

Have fun  ;D
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