Answering phone fails to connect to the caller

Started by zeeri, June 14, 2012, 07:26:25 PM

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I have an OBi100 attached to some old trustworthy vtech phones and also to my LAN.  The OBi100 is signed up with Google Voice for service.  I set this up a month ago and had no problems sending or receiving calls for the first few weeks.  I haven't made any changes that I know of to the service in that time.

The problem is that in the last couple days I can't seem to receive calls properly.  The phones ring, but when I pick up the call no one is on the other line.  Sometimes it connects after 15-20 seconds, sometimes never.

I tested this myself with a call from my cell phone and the cell phone kept ringing long after the call was answered via the OBi100/vtech phone setup.  Eventually my google voice answering machine picked the call up.

Anyone else run into this issue?  Is there an easy fix?  I have seen similar issues reported & having to do with google talk being logged in (it isn't in this case since this google account is never used).  I also disconnected google talk from gmail just in case, but thus far no effect.  The Obi100 is fully up to date with the firmware.  Not sure what else to try.



Doh.. no I didn't try the obvious solution.

Seems to work better now.  Wondering how often I need to do this though, and why the device would require it.



  On Wed. I had the same problem. Answer phone dead air but caller hears ringing and ringing.
Cell phone tied into google voice could pick up caller ok.  Tried resetting router modem, uncheck
and rechecked google voice chat. No go.  Hooked up modem without router to obi direct no go.
Default setup on portal, delete Sp1 and re-enter info. Also turned off the obi went into Gmail and could answer 
calls with two way audio. Still nothing on Obi dead air and ringing and ringing.

The next day everything was working again fine.  Strange.