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Registration via portal or local web page

Started by QBZappy, December 02, 2010, 10:47:30 PM

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I assume registration should end up with the same results if you register via the portal or local web page. I seem to be getting mixed results. My 2 units can not stay registered. When I register via the portal it usually works. Using the local web page is hit or miss. Why can't the units stay registered? ???
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Are you having problem with configuring your OBI via its webpage ?
If you use the wizard in the portal, it works - but not when
you configure your OBI manually, unit doesn't register ?
Which Service Provider is that ?
and you use the "Generic" configuration or specific SP config in the portal ?

Once the unit is registered to a SP, it will not unregister.
The only explanation for unit is not registering anymore is
1. Configuration is changed (credentials, proxy, etc...)
2. The SP is rejecting your unit's reregistration.
(unless your account is disabled, this is uncommon)

- Obihai Support Team