Blocked List Feature

Started by dealyanodeal, March 15, 2011, 03:54:13 PM

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It will be very nice to have a block list feature on obi talk. This can be the list which can be maintained similar to 'trusted number' on obitalk. Once a number is added to blocked list, obi AA should catch it before routing the call and terminate it(this of it as 'circle of distrust')

and if you can add "on the fly" blocking of a number then that will be super cool. Eg. while the call is going on, user can press a number(e.g **0) which should add the current number to blocked list and maybe play a message " You have just been blocked" and terminate the call. :-)

What do you say?

i have 2 questions first how to use Circle of Trust if someone adds me to his Circle of Trust and what is the way to use his obi device ,all i have is softphone and how am i suppose use his device to call someone and what is the advantage of that ,could anyone help me .


This would be a nice feature. You can do most of it now with the inbound call route, but it is cumbersome.