"Keep Me Logged In" Doesn't Work

Started by Stu-be, July 30, 2012, 08:56:07 AM

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I am guessing that I have unwittingly added something to my blocked cookies list.   "Keep Me Logged In" doesn't work on the Obitalk site.  AQnybody else experience this?

This problem is consistent on both Google Chrome and IE9, and I do not erase Temporary Files when I log out of either.   Furthermore, I can stay logged into most other sites and forums that I choose to.  Is there something unique about the Obitalk's site that causes this?  If not, does anyone know the name of the cookie that I should be looking to unblock? In addition, What path would I take to remove blocked cookie.  Thank you.


I've never had it work on Safari, Chrome, or Firefox