Blocking certain outgoing calls

Started by DirtAddsHP, July 28, 2012, 10:44:21 AM

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I have found guides on how to block incoming calls by phone number, but how would i block certain numbers from being called out?

Would i use the Digit Map and OutboundCallRoute?


EDIT: forgot to list that i have a Obi110


See if you find anything in this short discussion that will help.

If you want to block specific numbers, just replace my example for area codes with those specific numbers.


Ah great well i tried what you post and also the correction. If i make a call it sets my OutboundCallRoute back to defaults.. like the settings will not stay the way i set them.

any ideas? I log in as admin when going to my Obi box by its IP address, but if i try to log in "User Login" in the upper right corner i cannot authenticate.


If you are managing your device directly (using the ip address of your obi) you must disable auto provisioning or your changes will not stay. They will be over written by the Obitalk portal every time.

System Management -> Auto Provisioning -> ITSP Provisioning = disabled


Hmm seems i had to disable in two places

ITSP Provisioning


OBiTalk Provisioning

Though it seems the digitmap is not taking effect. i can still call out to the 3 phone numbers i listed in OutboundCallRoute

but now the settings are holding.... did i miss something?


Adding a rule with a specific number to the front of the PHONE outboundcallroute should work.

added to the front of the call route will return the "there is no service ......" when dialing any of those 2 numbers.
It works for me.

I just added it to my OCR and tested it. This is my OCR



oh... i thought i just make a new "User defined digit map" in User Settings. And then use {(Mabc):}, abc being the name given to the digit map.. i didnt know you need to put the phone number in the outboundcallroute only the {(Mabc):}, entry...


You can do it either way.

If you want to use the user defined digit map then make a digit map labeled "abc" and put the numbers in it in this format

Then add this to the front of the PHONE outboundcallroute

works the same either way. I just tested it with the digit map.
You can add numbers to the blocked list anytime you want using the separator bar between numbers


okay i had to put a 1 in front of the numbers.

If i put the ,{(Mabc):}, in front of the string then NO CALLS go though.

if i put it at the end then ALL CALLS go though... how very annoying.

what am i missing?



OKAY i think i got it....

i needed the 1 in front of the number, AND needed {(18002464411|18005551212):},{(Mabc):}

could not have one of the other.. needed both.

Obi really needs to make a more simple way of going this.. theres too many variables they do not mention in the manual and makes people like me waste hours trying to find the right combo.

thank you very much jimates!!! I couldnt have done it without you.


if you have both it is redundant. One or the other should work. The number has to be entered exactly as the Obi dials it, not as you enter it on the phone. The normal configuration of the Obi dials 1 + 10 digits.


Old post I know but does anyone have a step by step guide on this or a link to one?

I'm just about to pull my hair out on this one.


Quote from: Holland on July 03, 2022, 07:47:41 PMOld post I know but does anyone have a step by step guide on this or a link to one?

I'm just about to pull my hair out on this one.
1.  Use one of the User Defined Digit Maps.  Enter the numbers you want to block.  Can use wildcards to block complete ranges.  Separate with | character.  Numbers should be as they will be dialled on the phone.

eg Label 'bar' without the quotes and containing (1234567890|212333xxxx|4216661234)

2.  Insert


immediately after the opening ( of the Phone Port DigitMap.  Change Mbar to match whatever label you used in the first step.

The leading ! is explained on page 198 of the Admin Guide.

Later edit.  If you want to block just one outgoing number you don't need the User Defined Digit Map.  Just insert the ! followed by the number followed by the | separator immediately after the opening  ( of the Phone Port DigitMap.

eg (!4216661234|[1-9]x?*(Mpli)|[1-9]S9|........