Attended transfer enhancement

Started by tomc, July 31, 2012, 09:23:08 AM

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  I am using the OBi110 to handle calls in to and out of a law office. Quite often the attorney is away from the office, so I need to transfer incoming calls to her. I use attended transfers so that she can answer her phone and decide whether or not to take the call. Attended transfers work fine, but sometimes she doesn't answer the phone and I want to be able to hang up on the outbound call and come back to the inbound caller and continue the conversation. This is not possible using the OBi. If I press Flash while the phone is ringing, it creates a 3 way call, which I don't want. If I hangup, the inbound call is connected to the outbound call, which I also do not want. This functionality exists using softphones such as Bria on the Mac. Obihai technical support has told me that this feature does not currently exist in their products.