Will OBI202 work with this set-up?

Started by sfrick, August 11, 2012, 07:39:31 AM

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Hi all. I would like to use an OBI202 in the UAE. I have:
2 land lines with UAE numbers
2 mobile smart phones with UAE number
4 Google Voice US numbers
1 Skype WIFI phone with US number
UAE internet connection with Router configured for VPN connection to US server.

What I would like to be able to do is when any of my US GV numbers are dialed the OBI202 rings my Skype phone number and/or it dials out on one of my connected UAE landlines to one of my UAE mobile phones.

Also, I'd like to be able to use my UAE mobile phone to dial one of my UAE land line numbers and then through the OBI202 dial a US number.

Is all/any of this possible with the OBI202. If so I would have no international charges, which would offset the cost of the OBI202 in one month.

Thanks all for information offered.


The OBi202 cannot connect to a landline.

However, an OBi110 can be set up to receive a GV call and forward it to your mobile via the landline.  Also, it could answer a landline call (from your mobile) with its auto-attendant, which would then permit you to dial an international number, with the outbound leg completed using GV or another VoIP service.

If you need two concurrent calls, or have some other reason for wanting to connect to two landlines, you would have to purchase two OBi110 units.

There may be some other good options, depending on the economics:  What does it cost, if anything, to call a local mobile from your landline?  What is the charge, if any to the mobile user for the incoming call?  What does it cost to call your landline from your mobile?


So if i am understanding you correctly, the OBI110 would allow fo someone calling my GV US number, the OBI110 would then route the call out through the UAE land line to my UAE mobile phone.

Also, I could call my UAE land line from my mobile, and using the autoattendant of the OBI110 then dial a US number, which would go out through GV. Since the OBI110 is connected to my VPN server in the US, GV would assume its a US to US call. So no GV international call charges.

That would be great. The OBI110 would then allow me to use my mobile phone in the UAE to make and receive calls to the US without incurring any international charges.


There should be no serious problems forwarding incoming GV calls to your mobile.

One minor issue is that your mobile would show your landline number, rather than the number of the original caller.  The only fix is forwarding via a VoIP provider, which would likely be considerably more expensive.

If the landline is in use, either locally or for another forwarded call, the caller would get GV voicemail.  To fix that, you'd have to either get a second OBi110, or route the second call via a (likely expensive) VoIP provider.

For forwarding outbound calls from your mobile, I can't be sure that the OBi will be able to recognize your mobile's caller ID.  Perhaps a member with an OBi in UAE can answer that.  If caller ID does not get recognized, you can either have the autoattendant answer all landline calls (regular callers would have to press 1 to ring through to your landline phone), or you could have the AA pick up after a delay of e.g. 15 seconds.  The latter approach would not be good, if your wife or kids are at home when you'll be calling, as they'll be needlessly disturbed.

As I previously requested, please post the costs of calling to and from mobiles within the UAE.  That will be useful to other readers, so they can intelligently choose among various approaches.