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Obi firmware bug

Started by HMishra, October 20, 2012, 05:57:12 AM

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Quote from: lhm. on November 01, 2012, 05:59:28 PM
Dump CC ?

Two problems with that.  1) The bug should be fixed, CC or not and 2) I haven't found an alternative provider that provides e911 and allows me to pass in my calls for CID for $1.50/mo.

(And I understand I am getting what I pay for  ;D )


I agree, I would not dump CC at this moment.

I just got my home power back today.  We here at CT are not as bad as NYC, but I can appreciate the effort and difficult CC is facing now.

Feature wise, cost etc makes CC still a good bet for obi device on E911.  I am also using CC now with android phone, which is fine working now on DNS SRV CC methods.


I got beta software installed and tested.    callcentric line 2 GV line 1.  all worked except that I noticed below one issue:

long delay on ringing CC.  It took 1 ring or more to ring.  after ringing , talking seems to be fine on CC.  GV was also fine with no dropped call or obi reboot.

settings I used:
set up CC by easy mode first, then enter expert mode obitalk,
X_DnsSrvAutoPrefix is checked  and leave everything else default.


Have asked several times for the firmware.  Can't even have a call last more than 2 minutes before it drops.  Either through GV or CC.  Ordered a Cisco SPA112 today.  Will have it tomorrow and I'll compare.  Maybe saying goodbye to Obi!


Got the SPA112 today.  Works beautifully except that you can't configure two sip providers on one line.  ARRRGGGGHHH!!!  WTF, over?  Need firmware already to fix your proxy mess since you can't deploy Arbor and stop a DDoS attack like most companies!


Ok... I have to give a shout out to the Obi support team!  Once I wised up and followed the process by submitting a support request, they made it happen!  They updated my Obi100 with a newer firmware and viola, it works!!! 

Because CallCentric has not setup the proper infrastructure to protect themselves from a DDoS attack, they made some major changes.  Once they made some of their "proxy" modifications it crippled the Obi. Again, props to Obi!  As a side note, if you expect other SIP gateways (Cisco SPA112) to perform the same as Obi, learn from me, they don't.  The Cisco SPA112 does NOT allow you to provision two SIP providers on one line.  Major drawback.  They do already have the functions to deal with CallCentrics' multiple proxy and DNS environment, (Wow, an Arbor deployment would've been simpler) but there are some trade off's!

Thanks Obi for making your product even stronger and making me a believer!


I'll throw my hat in the ring for a fix as well. Unfortunately, as I used CC for my business, I had to drop them and go back to Cox. I feel like I went back to 1970's Ma Bell technology. The reliability is there, but the quality is no better, and none of the features. I miss CC :(


I don't have any comment on the Obi 202 but since Callcentric made their last set of changes, my 110 is working fine and I also have a 100 that is stable even with the standard Build 2744 firmware. I still believe that Obi putting in the TCP code for DNS is probably the correct thing for them to do for future compatibility but it doesn't seem to be required now for use with Callcentric.