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Obi100 with 2 Google Voice Accounts. Question about making calls.

Started by bgt23, August 18, 2012, 01:57:57 PM

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Just hooked up Obi100 and set it up with my Google Voice account on SP1 and my wife's Google Voice account on SP2.  Both of these numbers are set up in Google Voice to forward to each of our individual cell phones and to Google Chat.

If I pick up the phone connected to the Obi100 and dial my wife's cell phone number (GV SP2 account), it rings her cell phone.

How do we do the reverse of this, so that she can pick up the Obi100 phone and make a call to my cell phone (GV SP1 account).  I read somewhere that pushing "#" switches between SP1 and SP2, but when I do this it says "there is no call route available".


EDIT - further Googling led me to the answer.  For anyone else who runs into this, pressing **2 before dialing the number lets you choose to have the outgoing call use SP2 instead of SP1.