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Obi110/Gmail suddenly not talking

Started by JD1940, October 07, 2012, 02:06:17 AM

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I've had my Obi110 for over a year and for the most part it has worked fine. The other day I had to change my Blogger password and suddenly the Obi no longer receives or makes calls. The SP for Google shows Backing Off. I changed the password on that configuration page to match the new Google password. The password for Google Voice is also the same. But nothing connects anymore. I have the latest updated software and I've checked everything I can think of.. The phones seem to be working fine, the router has been rebooted and is fine, I tried ***6 on my phones and was told there was no new software (which I expected) so I'm assuming the Obi is calling home over my router/internet line. I have a Voipo line also and it works just fine. Can anyone provide me with any additional ideas?

As a follow up; I've gone through all the Obi links for Backing Off and I did the echo test to make sure my internet connection was OK (it was). I've more than triple checked the primary email address and passwords of  the Obi SP1 configuration and Google Talk. Still indicating the Google connection is Backing Off. I'm at a loss here.


Backing off is always a password/log in conflict with google. If you don't have a complicated configuration you may have to delete the google account from the Obi and reconfigure.


I have the same problem and realize that I have to get into the ObiTalk Voice Configuration Settings.  When I go to my dashboard, I can't find how to get to the same interface as slide 22 in the tutorial: 
All I get is the Device Configuration.  How do I pull up the GV account in ObiTalk?