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Started by BCloud, September 04, 2012, 09:55:00 AM

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I would be a great addition to my obi to play music on hold. You can find this feature on any business pbx or phone system, and I don't think the obi is too far off from being capable to play Mp3, wav, or ogg files.

A MOH feature would allow business to play their advertisements, or notifications while someone is on hold. The music files could be made available through a few options:

-Over a internal network via media server.
-By uploading a song file to (FTP)
-upload file to the obi itself.

This feature could then be rolled out as a firmware update to the obi 110 and 202. Music on hold is a much needed feature IMO the obi needs. Especially if it is being marketed to businesses.  ;D




+1 I like the idea as well


It is here already on the Obi202, but there are some issues:
Go to Physical Interfaces>Phone1>MOHServiceNumber

You can use 2063374460 format it correctly to call through GV if need be, for example sp1(2063374460)

then try calling from 1 phone to the other using # and press Recall/Flash or just Hook Flash.

Follow this thread, we're trying to get it to work.


The way it works currently is kinda weird. If I understand correctly, you set up MOH server somewhere else, and OBi calls the service number on the other line, and bridges the on-hold caller with that line, and then it plays the music. What OP is suggesting (or at least what I suggested last spring) is to use USB-attached drive with WAV files stored there. That is actually my number one enhancement request...


it make more senses then calling somewhere else ...... yepp i agree