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New ObiaHai broke PhonePower voice mail notifications to my Panasonic phone

Started by Eastwood77, February 01, 2018, 01:21:37 PM

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My new ObiHai Build: 5794EX goofed up PhonePower voice mail notifications to my Panasonic. I fixed it in ObiHai ObiTalk Expert configuration by checking
Voice Services >>
         SP1 Service >>
            Calling Features >>
               MWIEnable        x
               X_VMWIEnable   x

Already checked Under PHONE1 Port was >>
                                  MWIEnable      x   
                                  VMWIEnable              x


Hi Not sure if this is what I am looking for but my Panosonic home answering machine NO longer works with Obi202.  Since google talk is asking people to leave their name before connecting the call I think this is why my answering machine is not picking up calls before google talk tries to take the message.  ????????????  Can you explain if this is what you were talking about in this post?


PhonePower is not GoogleVoice and Message Waiting Indicator has no relevance to your answering machine.


When we were having trouble with Google voice and their software issue I found out that they had turn on call screening and that is why the home answering machine was not picking up the calls first